Internal and change communications

I’d love to share everything I know about internal and change communications with you. All the challenges, triumphs and theories from more than a decade in global, European and UK roles for FTSE 500 companies and well-known brands.

In 2012 I was named as one of the Institute of Internal Communication’s top 30 under 30 internal communicators, and today I’m a Certified Member (CIIC) of the Institute.

OfferingMy strength lies in using internal communications to support companies and their people when they go through change. Having been through almost constant organisational upheaval and redundancy, I can apply true empathy to what I do.

I have a broad experience of change, but the key areas I can support and advise best on are:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Organisational restructures
  • Outsourcing – both from the side of the outsourcer and the side of the business being outsourced
  • Large scale redundancy
  • Product, service, or business unit closures
  • Office closures, and other facilities changes
  • Process changes
  • Cost reduction and austerity programmes.

I think the best way for internal communicators to grab employees’ attention and cut through all the noise, is to be authentic. Together let’s throw away the cheese and put the corporate spiel back in its box. I can help you give your people tailored communications, crafted with honesty and understanding. All written in plain English.

I’m here to support with any aspect of internal or change communications, either through consulting and advising, or by doing the doing for you. Drop me an email, or give me a call, for a free initial consultation.